maandag 29 oktober 2007

the Real Lam

No words, it`s just too cool. Gift from my mom.

zaterdag 20 oktober 2007


well, not excactly a piece of art...And I managed to do a pretty good job of messing up Rachinta`s character (sorry about that). But here`s my take on the story we agreed on.

woensdag 17 oktober 2007

Storm in my brain

Well, maybe not a storm. But defeniately a strong breeze...

Following are random thoughts and strings of thought...some things might be filtered out into a concrete idea.

Allright, so it got time to develop a storyline for our two characters. Following this realisation came the conclusion that my character, though expressive, shows little motive to do anything...much more to do nothing, actually. Or so it seems. There`s going to be a side of Lam, which he holds hidden from the rest of the world...He has to be tired of something. Maybe even more than Ian he has the worst case of OCD, which becomes really apparant in autumn. This is also the reason for his long neck: He picks up the falling leaves and hangs them from the braches of the tree they came from...
Ian on the other hand, being a herding dog and all (also with a case of OCD) likes order as well. Herding the sheep in perfect formations is what he likes. When one sheep (Lam) refuses to coopporate all the nerve twitches become apparent. Ian isn`t that stupid tho, and arranges all the other sheep around Lam, so the formation is perfect still. Let this be the perfect moment for Lam to start moving and Ian to flip completely. I just can`t get over the fact that Ian is a dog, and thus a close relative to the wolf...Wolfs howl to the moon, Lam is lazy or tired and wants to sleep...hmmm, I do see a conflict there. And like people, Lam struggles to find a comfortable position to sleep, to place his head where he has silence...errm, yeah...nvn that.
Maybe the two challenge each other. Like they stare at each other, thinking: o, no you wont...Kindof like someone has been busy for three days setting up an EXTREMELY long line of dominos and the other at the start of the line, a finger (or paw) near the first domino. Only, then something else.
Ian is herding the flock, in such a way that the grass eaten away by the sheep forms a specific pattern. guess who wont coopporate...

...I`m starting to see a pattern here (some pun intended)...Ian with his OCD tries to create order somewhere (possibly involving sheep) and then Lam, being the obnoxious sheep that he is, agonizes Ian by not coopporating or disrupting his plan.

dinsdag 16 oktober 2007

Flashback: sketches...


Since Ian is a herding dog, the connection between him and Lam are kindof obvious...Lam doesn`t look like he`s having to much fun...kindof really, REALLY depressed actually. So much so, he`s lost his will to live. Though Ian looks really gentil at the surface, I can imagine he`s got a dark side to, being a close relative to the wolf. Lam tries to trigger this hidden apetite as Ian is torn between his herding and vicious wolf character.

zaterdag 6 oktober 2007

Introducing: Lam

As a result of a small sketching spree some usefull character were born. Only one was needed for this project. So I chose a simple character, wich I thought was the funniest.
He is called `Lam`, a name that is more fitting in Dutch than it is in English. It can be translated as `Lamb` as well as `Lame`... it`s a `Lame Lamb`.
His personality can be best described as depressed, cynical, bored... think `Marvin` from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but then in a furry coat.
Oh boy, IS he eager to meet some other characters...

vrijdag 5 oktober 2007


Welcome to this blog about a collaborative project between the academy of arts and design st. Joost (Netherlands) and ditto school of Norwich (England).
This site will show my personal progress and all interactions my character will have with any other involved in this project. Enjoy